img_1966Having taught music and creativity at every level from Reception to Postgraduate Degree for over two decades, it becomes apparent that every single step is crucial to the development of the individual. The importance of this and the role music education plays cannot be stressed enough; it is the most universal subject. It has profound learning potential that helps develop students way beyond the scope of the initial subject material. Music education is proven to help people engage and develop many important life skills. Whether learning an instrument or creating new music and songs; as a group, individually, in a band, an orchestra, in a studio or even in a choir; the benefits are endless.

The objective is not just about creating great musicians of the future (although that is always wonderful to witness) or even competent professionals but also rounded individuals who can become great contributors to society in whatever field. The journey of musical ‘understanding’ brings with it a  realisation that we are all human. This universal subject is taught in some form all over the world in every country. The cultural understanding and social skills developed are of enormous value giving a deeper appreciation of the arts and aesthetics: the nurturing of the imagination, confidence-building, achieving goals, developing concentration, feeling good, understanding empathic response and engaging emotive consciousness, understanding the relevance of cultural history and improving language skills, nurturing confidence and communication are all connected to the music world that surrounds us every day. This is then coupled with a willingness to share developing musical skills through Inspiration, Composition, Performance and Listening; which brings everyone together no matter what stage of their personal musical journey. It is heartening to think that Beethoven and Jimmy Hendrix also practiced their scales! 

Personally I have always felt indebted to all the amazing guides who have helped me on my way to becoming who I am today whether Conservatoire professors, Primary school teachers or those who had the ability to share insight into this amazing and often invisible world. I have been fortunate to study music with some of the best and with this appreciation I have always wanted to share my own insights into creativity and musical communication. As mentioned in my biography I am a composition tutor at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire but I also do much more and have visited many schools, colleges and universities to give guest lectures, workshops, projects, school song days and music days.

To name a few –

Ruskin College Oxford (HND and BA in lyric based song writing), Cambridge University Engineering Dept. (88 Pianists), University for the Arts London (Degree and Post-Graduate guest lecturer), Royal Birmingham Conservatoire LEAP Ensemble nationwide outreach work as an advisor and composer, The CORE Academy Trust Birmingham (Echo Eternal Project), The Hope Academy Merseyside (GCSE composition), Netherfield Primary School Nottingham (School Song/Film Project), Old Park Primary Telford (School Song/Film project), Dingle Primary School Dudley (Composer-in-Residence), Standish High School Greater Manchester (GCSE music composition), Ashby School Leicestershire (GCSE and A’Level music composition), Parkhouse School Newbury (GCSE and A’Level music composition), Beechan Cliff Boys School Bath (GCSE composition), Theale Green School West Berkshire (GCSE and A’Level music composition), St Anselm’s Derbyshire (School Song Composition Day), King Edwards School Birmingham on behalf of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Warwick School (Music Technology Creativity week) and the In Harmony program (to develop music in less advantaged areas). Among many other projects as well as some individual tuition (Piano/Composition/Song Writing/Music Technology).


It is always a pleasure to help to develop the potential that everyone possesses in music through formative and informative approaches. There is no “one size fits all” policy, each project is bespoke and seen on an individual basis accommodating all kinds of needs, situations and aspirations.


D C Turner – Head of Music Hope Academy Merseyside

“As soon as Mr Riley came in he engaged the class, generating such enthusiasm for the GCSE composition element that the pupils produced as much music in that day as the rest of the year combined. I would whole-heartedly recommend him at any level. A great help to this sometimes difficult subject”


C Mathews – Head of Music Ashby School

“I learn as well as the students. Thank you for my CPD!”


If you would like to arrange a workshop/music day or longer for your establishment or some individual lessons please contact using the form below.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jo Hodges
    Feb 22, 2015 @ 09:55:22

    Teaching is clearly very important to you. Good call. Brilliant.



  2. Cecilia Le Poer Power
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 18:44:25

    Wonderful. Genius! xxx



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